2019-20 MBTG Monthly Student Seminar Series

First Tuesday of each month. Student talk at 4:00pm, pizza and beer get-together at 5:00 pm; Leichtag 107. 
Date Trainee Title of Talk
Oct 1, 2019 Doug Zhang Design and Functionalization of Nucleic Acid Nanostructures
Nov 5, 2019 Mounir Fizari Restricted mobility of packaged DNA in phage phi29 assessed by single-molecule optical tweezers measurements
Dec 3, 2019 Elizabeth Porto Expanding the Scope of Base Editing for Precise and Therapeutically-Relevant Genome Engineering
Jan 7, 2020 Ryan Weeks Development of Novel Ratiometric Biosensors for Live Cell Sensing of Ras Activity
Feb 4, 2020 An Hieh

Transcriptional Pausing and Its Roles in Human mitochondria

Mar 3, 2020 Ruben Elias TBD
Apr 7, 2020 Hoang Nguyen TBD
May 5, 2020 Aileen Button TBD
Jun 2, 2020 Christine Stephen TBD

2019 MBTG Invited Seminar Speakers 

William DeGrado 

University of California San Francisco

Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 12pm
NSB Auditorium 1205
Hosted by Alex Hoffnagle

Ting Wu

Harvard Medical School

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 12pm
NSB Auditorium 1205
Hosted by Quinn Cowan

2018-19 MBTG Journal Club

Third Tuesday of each month, 4:00 pm, NSB 3211
Date  Trainee Faculty Facilitator Paper Title 
Oct 15, 2019 Bryce Ackerman None Low-barrier hydrogen bonds in enzyme cooperativity
Jan 21, 2020 Sonjiala Hotchkiss Betsy Komives Engineering protein assemblies with allosteric control via monomer fold-switching
Feb 18, 2020 Josh Corpuz

Structure of the toxic core of a-synuclein from invisible crystals

Mar 17, 2020 Quinn Cowan
Apr 21, 2020 Alex Hoffnagle
May 29, 2020 Angel Payan

MBTG Special Seminars

Trainees are encouraged to attend the seminars listed below in addition to all other mandatory MBTG events: