MBTG Annual Retreat

Friday May 5th, 2017

MBTG Faculty and Trainees attended the MBTG Annual Retreat on Friday May 5th, 2017 at the Institute of the Americas’ Copley International Conference Center. The Retreat featured talks by young and emerging Faculty at UCSD. Elena Koslover of the Department of Physics gave a talk on "Emergent Physics of Intracellular Soft Matter, from DNA to Cytoplasm." Dmitry Lyumkis of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies followed with a talk describing his research on “Structural Insights into Retroviral Integration using Cryo-EM.”

Five MBTG alumni gave true “lightning” talks of five minutes each on their research to update the group on their progress since leaving the program. Afterwards, MBTG trainees presented their research at a Poster Session held in the Arango Foyer. PI Elizabeth Komives and the poster judges recognized Sarah Ur and Adam Maloney with poster awards for their research. Sarah's research was entitled: “The Msh4‐Msh5 complex’s role in meiotic crossover formation” and Adam's was "A Minimal In Vitro Translation for Structural Studies of FMRP." Congratulations Sarah and Adam!

Trainees and Faculty enjoyed a BBQ Dinner afterwards on the Friend Plaza to start off their weekend right. Thanks to faculty, speakers, trainees, and alumni for their participation in making this event a great success! 

2017 MBTG Retreat Program Book & 2017 MBTG Retreat Schedule

elena koslover talk    Bryan arias talk

Elena Koslover gives her presentation (l); Bryan Arias gives a ligtning talk (r).

Poster Session    Dinner

MBTG Trainee Benjamin Jagger presents his poster (l); attendees enjoy dinner after the program (r).