MBTG Program Application

Application Deadline: Monday, May 11, 2020

All graduate students wishing to be considered for funding by the Molecular Biophysics Training Program must complete the following form by the Application Deadline of Monday, May 11, 2020. Advisors should email a PDF letter of support to kitahara@ucsd.edu by the application deadline. 

Selection and Appointment of Trainees

Student trainees for the Molecular Biophysics Training Grant will be selected by the Steering Committee from the eligible students nominated by the participating faculty. Students will typically be selected after their first year of graduate studies. Students will be selected on the basis of their qualifications and on their research proposal. Each will be required to fulfill the criteria that we feel are essential for developing a strong, broadly based focus in molecular biophysics. Students will be supported for two years. Students continue participating actively in the activities of the training program after their funding ends.


Students nominated for this training program must be engaged in molecular biophysics research or must have identified a dissertation topic in the general area of molecular biophysics under a participating faculty member. The nomination of the student must be endorsed by the faculty member in whose laboratory the research training will be conducted. In selecting the trainees, the Steering Committee will also try to have broad representation from the various disciplines and participating departments and faculty members.


Each student must complete a set of core courses and electives. We feel it is important for our trainees to have breadth in their exposure to molecular biophysics. The Steering Committee will work with each student to make certain they fulfill the requirements. The Steering Committee will meet with each student to evaluate and guide their curriculum to make certain that they comply with our requirements.

Scientific Ethics

Although all graduate students at UCSD are encouraged to take a 1 unit course on scientific ethics, the NIH REQUIRES all students supported on the training grant do so. Currently, UCSD offers several courses which satisfy this requirement: You are strongly encouraged to take one of the courses in which you meet and discuss topics with other students. These courses can be found at http://ethics.ucsd.edu/courses/index.html.


Students will be funded for one to two years. Funding is renewable if a trainee is appointed in their second year of graduate study. Trainees must reapply for an additional year of funding. The Executive Committee will evaluate each student's progress annually on the basis of a written report from the student and a written evaluation from their advisor.