Schedule of MBTG Student Seminar

2021-22 Speakers

Date Trainee Title of Talk
Oct 5, 2021 Emily Pool Characterization and molecular analysis of RIβ liquid-liquid phase separation
Nov 2, 2021 Lannah Abasi Investigations into the heterochromatin-associated role of tau
Dec 7, 2021 Megan Young Substrates and Structures of ABC Transporter Proteins
Jan 4, 2022 Kailash Venkatraman The biophysical determinants of the inner mitochondrial membrane
Feb 2, 2022 Max Bachochin

Pick Your Poison: Interrogating 2D and 3D classification in
Cryo EM

Mar 2, 2022 Chelsea Blankenchip Transcriptional Regulation of Bacterial Anti-Viral Response
Apr 6, 2022 Jacob Vance Minimal biochemical methods for generating and propagating artificial cells
May 4, 2022 Marc Morizono Structural insights into maintenance of mitochondrial homeostasis using cryo-electron microscopy
Jun 1, 2022 Simone Hall